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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My little girl is growin up... do i join her?

So I sucked it up (and in) and went to the alterations guru to have my bridesmaid dress altered. Mr. Wang reminded me that a few years ago I was in that very shop altering my prom dress… That was a punch of reality.
My simple, slate blue, dupioni silk, knee-length, strapless bridesmaid dress is a far cry from my first prom dress in ninth grade. Two words: bow and pink. What was I thinking?
We all have THAT friend. THAT friend who has the other half of the heart necklace, which was bought in Santa’s Secret Shop in 4th grade. It has “Be…” and “Fri…” on one side and “…st” and “…end” on the other side.
Kelli and Grace. KMO and Geller.
The showers have passed, the bachelorette weekend was memorable (from what I remember) and the only things left are the Bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal and dinner and the DUN DUN DUN: wedding.
She is flitting around like a sugar-plum fairy, while I am sweating bullets over here.
When does this become real for me?
When do I accept she will be giving her real heart to someone else, not the cheap heart necklace we kept for nostalgic sake? And a BOY at that…
When I come over do I sleep in the guest bedroom while he falls asleep talking to her in their shared master bed?
I am more than excited about the wedding… That’s not the scary part. I’m not even scared of tripping down the aisle or the up-do.
I’m scared of the happily ever after part…
Because that may or may not include the old, silver or gold BFF.

On Dec 28, I go for my final fitting because Mr. Wang says I’ll lose weight before then because girls do that before weddings… laughable.
I will zip up that simple dress, strap on my gold heels, brace myself for a look in the mirror of reality… Life is flying by, and I’m no passenger.
I have no choice but to drive.
Shoot… I have to drive because I’m sharing Maid of honor duties with an eighth-grade cousin who doesn’t even have a driving permit.
So drive I will… drive on.

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