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Friday, January 22, 2010

Save the date... though Hallmark won't let you forget

Happy early Valentine's Day... You shall hear my six pence (none the richer) soon enough.

If the draw-dropping list of talented actors in this movie wasn't enough... and when has Julia Roberts or Bradley Cooper not been enough... You were probably laughing out loud at the other half of the 1:31 trailer.
If you weren't, get a Zoloft and book your Fandango ticket now for this movie because I'm convinced it'll cheer you right up.
Since the first Valentine's Day was celebrated, commercial America, Hallmark cards and Beanie Babies have nobly tried to season the other half of the crowd, the single crowd, with sugar and spice appropriate for this bittersweet holiday.
They try to make us fat with chocolates, sentimental with George Straight and Seal songs or hopeful with Father of the Bride marathons...
The best is when Hollywood succeeds at making all the single ladies and gents waiting to get a ring on it appreciate our season of singleness. (Thankfully, it's not Hollywood's job to make us thankful for this God-ordained time, but I am nonetheless grateful when Hollywood throws me a bone)
Best contribution on this day: laughter.
When laughing, Beyonce's crowd isn't excluded but included on this blissful February 14. Excluded is the way I feel having to watch the train-wreck effect of two young lovers making out on my charming walking campus... Stop that by the way.
I strongly dislike when people refer to Valentine's Day as Single's Awareness Day. It makes them sound bitter, and who is attracted to bitter people? Well, probably other bitter people, which is just an ugly cycle.
Back to our Valentine's Day plans... laughing.
Since when did dinner and a movie become roped off as couples only? We could all do it together. Come on. It'll be fun. We'll sneak a box of Hot Tamales and a Dasani into the theater and laugh the night away.
The single's crew is revamping V. Day this year.
Depending on which work out video you got yourself for Christmas- Pussy Cat Dolls, Dancing with the Stars' ABs or any of the Wii Fit options- we should be looking toned by Feb. 14, 2010. It'll be more than a month after we made resolutions to loose # pounds, run once a week and skip the fries at Chick-fil-A. We will be in good spirits with the amount of successful relationships eHarmony is cranking out, and we have a reason to laugh.

This Valentine's Day, I echo John Mayer... I'm perfectly lonely, and I'm laughing loudly.

live in love,


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