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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From hotdog topping to country-singing jerks to On the Wings of Love... The Bachelorette is back

Here's a little piece of juiciness compliments of Hulu.

I have seen people LOST that their fav shows are coming to an end and worried they'll turn into Biggest Losers because they won't know what to do for a whole 24 hours of the day without the motivation of series drama, plot twists and unexpected scripted love.
No need to worry because The Bachelorette is back and from the looks of the first episode, juicy.
As vets of the show and loyal followers, we have a tradition when The Bachelorette or The Bachelor starts. We pick teams.
After Monday's premier 2-hour episode, I made careful examinations of Ali Fedotowsky's interaction with each potential suitor, but honestly my decision was determined by first impression.
If I were in her cute black peep-toe shoes wearing that elegant, but too long black dress, I would be pinning JESSE!
1) He's a general contractor. My father would be proud.
2) He's smokin' hot. My mother would be proud.
Jesse wasn't the only one I was secretly scoping out. I am pulling for funny guy Frank and studly Chris H.
There were quite a few funny stories from the first night: ukelle playing, entertainment wrestling, scrapbook making and back flipping from the top of the limo to name a few.
But I have always been a girl attracted to the mysterious ones, which has gotten me into trouble a few times, but I can't help myself.
I appreciate unassuming fellas. It was attractive that Jesse wanted to tell her about himself because she asked, but he didn't dwell on himself. He genuinely asked if she was OK or overwhelmed. 2 points for being endearing and 3 for charming.

You can read bios, see pics and pick a team for yourself here.

Here's Prince Charming from ABC.com.

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  1. i agree with you 100%. he caught my eye from the minute he walked out of that limo! it's nice to know i'm not alone :)


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