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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love you more than blank... a live in love campaign

I love (love, love) campaigns. I'm not talking political today. I'm talking about personal and innovative campaigns. I love campaigns that cost nothing or cost a fortune, but either way, improve quality of life.
I love large-scale campaigns such as Pepsi's Refresh Project, which is giving away millions of doll-hairs to individuals supporting community projects just because... It's Pepsi. It can. Awesome.
But as generous as Pepsi is, I think I found another campaign where we can all win. It's called i love you more than blank dot com.
The campaign started in a paperwhite studio in NYC's lower east side from the belief that someone can't evaluate the value of something unless it can be measured to something else...
They even divided your love into categories: the benjamins, coffee vs. fizz, wired, eatables, wax poetic, if you only knew, homies, i heart and motley crew...
Go to i love you more than blank to find your category and submit a reason why you love
If you know me, you might know which one I submitted...

In their words, it's "a small project w a big heart"

live in love, me

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