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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A little sugar goes a long way

Find the theme:
"Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch. You know that I love you. Can't help myself..." or
"Sugar, Sugar. You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you..."
And my personal favorite Stevie Wonder's "Sugar" "Sugar, sugar, I want to be your main boy... All I got is good, good lovin."
Geez. Just typing those words makes me want to find an unsuspecting victim (or Fred Astair) and dance floor.... Anywho.
Baking for Good is an online bake sale with peppermint brownies, chocolate crackels, gingersnaps and many more (including vegan options), but that's not all... 15 percent of your purchase supports a cause YOU pick!
You can support nonprofit causes such as American Cancer Society, Action Against Hunger and Art for Change, or you can support community causes such as art.party.theater.company and the Red Swing Project. These are only a few of the manyyyy causes Baking for Good supports. Shoot, you can even e-mail them about adding a cause!
So, not only are you sending a beautifully wrapped, delicious treat to bake, you are supporting national and international causes.

That'll convict me next time I'm tempted to pick up that convenient pre-packaged, shake-and-bake cookie package...

It's a smart choice too. Manhattan-inhabitant and founder, Emily Dubner, grew up raising money for school projects with bake sales, and continued baking for fun while studying at Harvard. (Try to make a woman-in-the-kitchen-joke after that line) After working as a management consultant at a fancy NYC firm, she was inspired by a gift package delivered to her mom and started Baking for Good creating unique, gourmet treats, which support causes all over the world.

Call Barbara Walters. She beats Gaga, Kim K and Betty White for most fascinating woman in my humble, but pretty dang accurate opinion.

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