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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peace on earth... and in my heart

I recently read in My Utmost for His Highest that peace is God's mark of approval from when we obey Him.
I recently made a few decisions (insert "duh. you're 22 w a mediocre income, depending on your parents, deciding ab grad school vs real world, still living in a college town with a heart as big and as tossed yet as anchored as a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon).
I accepted a new job still in Auburn, turned another opportunity down and am patiently waiting to see a few more decisions unfold themselves.
While transitioning into my new position working with development in AU's College of Architecture, Design, and Construction, but still working full-time in my old job with Special Events, I realized there was deep unrest in my heart. I felt hasty despite knowing good and well the Lord will never leave nor forsake me.
I thought I was lacking peace because I didn't pray for months about some of these decisions like I had in the past. ex 1) I have prayed since freshman year for a fulfilling job, and I prayed even more fervently before graduation about which job to take because I was blessed to have two promosing options. ex 2) I pray for my husband, but I admit, I may/may not have asked the Lord to hold off on that one until I had ex 1 at least semi-controlled. Commit-a-phob strikes again. Moving on...
Today, this phase in life, everything is different now. I didn't have months this time.
I had urgency.
Funny because Jesus didn't have months either while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, but I'm pretty sure the blood sweat came from a deep sense of urgency for His Father's will too. Not that I'm sweating blood bullets here, but I find courage and so should you knowing it's not always the amount of prayer but the need of the prayer. Yes, there have been months and years of counceling/prayer in the Word, so when the time came, I would know His will. I'm not saying Jesus nor I hadn't prayed about a day that would come when we'd need the Lord urgently-just saying, sometimes, He calls for our immediate action, and we should be prepared to pray accordingly.
Never doubt the Lord's response (though it might not be what you want) to the sincerest prayer that come from the most humblest of circumstances asking for the wisdom to do His work.
But be ready because He'll ask you to "go" or "no" or "stop" or "now" at any unannounced moment... And He expects you to do just what you prayed for-His will, not yours, to be done.
So here we are at Christmas, and I can't help but sing,
"Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."

Hit it Gladys...

live in love,

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