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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Always a bridesmaid... and getting good at it

Celebrating the bride at MCC for bridesmaid luncheon. Eating charm cake by Cake Designs
Goin' to the chapel.
Rocking out bridesmaids. Making up the bride.
Reading her note from Mark. Putting the finishing touches on the bride.
Glowing on the trolley ride to the reception
He had his eye on her since fourth grade. She agreed to "go out" with him in sixth, and they started dating in tenth.
He's studying seminary and working as a student minister in Montgomery, and she's starting her second year in pharmacy school in Auburn.
It's not perfect, but it's dang close...
Now, we all know, I'm no relationship expert, but I am perceptive. I've seen enough wonderful and disastrous relationships to know what works and what doesn't and what surprises everyone.
Here is my breakdown: There are three types of relationships.
1. Lovers- These love birds can't keep their hands off each other. They may be complete opposites or as I'd like to say "compliments," but they're differences or similarities don't matter because their love for each runs deeper.
Ex) Edward and Bella... hate to use pop references, but who doesn't see the picture when I paint it with this example
2. Best friends- They love to spend all their time together. They match, and I don't mean jack and jill outfits. Their personalities match. They usually have been dating the longest of the three. The comfort and security in each other comes from a deep, unwavering trust.
Ex) Britty and Mark
3. Partners- They work apart, but they work better together. A bit of this comes with years of marriage and figuring out the kinks, but this kind of relationship is based on patience and understanding. The two may be compliments or twins, but they rely on the other for support, care, driver service and dinner.
Ex) Taxi mom and working dad
One is not better than the other. It's not like my parents, partners til death, would say they'd change their dynamic and sacrifice their 30-year marriage to be more like best friends.
All relationships experience ups and downs, but depending on which relationship you are will determine how you deal with the unexpected.

Very rarely a couple comes along that is the perfect combination of all three...
The celebration of that couple is coming Sept. 4 in Franklin, Tenn. Get excited. I'm wearing boots IN the wedding.

If my new job doesn't work out, I have a ballin back-up plan. I'm a for hire MOH/bridesmaid. I am great at bachelorette party planning, make up, hair dos and my uber talented mother comes with me. Package deal. Call, text, comment, e-mail, gchat or fbook me for rates. The longer we've been friends, the better the deal.

This is when my mother and father would laugh at my naivety and tell me to go on a stinking date and stop analyzing every little detail or I'm not going to have any of the three and I'm going to settle for a dog, cat or some one-sided relationship such as a love for As Seen on TV kitchenware...

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  1. Grace, that's my back-up plan. As long as we don't have the same clients, we can give each other tips. ;-)


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