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Monday, July 12, 2010

The one thing that stays the same is change itself...

Recently, there have been some changes in my life.
A change of mind. Heart. Whatever.
But it's another change nonetheless.
When reading Search for God Knows What by Donald Miller, I read something that subtly changed my mind about the beauty of change. Turns out, it's not as hurtful or horrible as I thought.
He challenges people like me who micromanage life by following this fine formula or steps as a way to organize and conquer their life.
The ugly, harsh, beautiful, humble truth: there is no formula. If there was, Jesus would have given it to us...
"I bring this up only because life is complex, and the idea that you can break it down or fix it in a few steps is rather silly.
The truth is there are a million steps, and we don't even know what the steps are, and worse, at any given moment we may not be willing or even able to take them; and still worse, they are different for you and me and
they are always changing.
I have come to believe the sooner we find this truth beautiful, the sooner we will fall in love with the God who keeps shaking things up, keeps changing the path, keeps rocking the boat to test our faith in Him, teaching us to not rely on easy answers, bullet points, magic mantras, or genies in lamps, but rather in His guidance, His existence, His mercy, and His love." -donald miller

Umm... If this was Twitter I would simply trend: #humbled #smallmindedness

All I want to do is love God, love His creation and follow His commandments. Why do I still miss the Big picture when my intentions are sincere?
I think I found my answer in His answer to my never ceasing prayer. I pray that God will be obvious to me because obviously I love to be blind and deaf.
And in this prayer, I found that God is being obvious not through some sign or apparation (though I'd love to have one of those mirrors in Harry Potter that would show me the true desire of my heart/life path). He is being obvious to me in His grace.

God is letting me change my mind about my future, and His grace is so sufficient that it'll cover me where ever I go.
So bring it life... because I'm not scared of change anymore. My Nike IDs, Tory Burch flats and cowgirl boots are ready for the million steps that don't promise success or happiness, but total dependence on Him.

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